Mental health is as important as physical health

Mental health is as important as physical health

We spend much of our lives thinking and worrying about how we look, what we eat, how much we do or don’t exercise….. but what about our minds?

When do we give our minds a break?

When do we stop for just a few minutes to be alone with our thoughts?

To relax our minds from the world around us?

To just STOP – to be calm, to focus, to clear our heads and to REST

Was it another crazy start to the week?

Here’s our advice to keep your mind calm and collected as the week progresses.
Take time now to focus on YOU:

  • Take a breath – not just the normal one, but a slow, deep breath, over and over again that relaxes you – calming your muscles and your mind
  • Read something that inspires and energises you – something that takes you away from reality for just a few minutes everyday
  • Reclaim your lunch break – when did you last have a proper break in the middle of the day? Get some fresh air and escape – even if it’s for 15 minutes it will really help
  • Start a ‘to do’ list – write down those thoughts that are bugging you during the day and throughout the night
  • Close your eyes and picture where you will be a year from now – imagine what you will have achieved and the progress you will have made

Does your current reality reflect where you want to be in the future?

Clear your mind and focus on what really matters today to get you there

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