Looking after yourself is so important

And breathe
Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer with mental health issues?
I’m sure you did already know that because like me,  you work in the healthcare industry and are helping people with their mental health on a daily basis.

But what about your own mental health?

We don’t often spend time thinking about ourselves and recognise how we are feeling but it’s important to do so.

When you woke up this morning what’s the 1st thing you did?
Check your phone? Put on the tv?

How about nothing?
Yup, that might sound a bit strange –  but if we just spend 5 minutes before we get out of bed thinking about the day ahead and finding some peace within ourselves it can make a huge difference to our mental health, and get us focused on what we want to achieve for the day.

Have you got lunch planned today?
What time are you taking a break to get a bite to eat and go for a walk in the sunshine?
Again, plan it in and tell your team so that they can support you taking that break. 
It will make you feel better, more energised, calm – and then you’ll have a better afternoon – don’t wait until your hangry.

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