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1 Day
Mock CQC Assessment

Give your business an internal audit in preparation for your next CQC inspection.

As part of risk management and compliance, plan a ‘mock’ CQC inspection…

It is easy for our care businesses to get behind on their compliance targets as the day job takes over. Within our regulated industry we already have a huge amount of paperwork to complete for each client and each staff member that has to meet CQC key lines of enquiry, as well as meet our own policy and procedures.

Getting prepared in advance gives everyone the chance to catch up and be ready to showcase the huge effort everyone has been working so hard on since the last inspection.

An internal audit also highlights areas that senior staff are falling behind on and gives them the chance to put a plan in place to prioritise those causing concern.

CQC Internal Audit includes:

  • 1 Day Audit on site
  • Full report and feedback
  • Action Plan for continuous improvement and recommendations for the way forward

Package Price: £822 + VAT

Rapid Recovery Plan

guarantees to improve quality increase profitability by at least 20%

A 12 week business mentoring programme comprised of:

  • 1 hour weekly business mentoring sessions
  • Bespoke to you and your business needs
  • Training the Registered Manager on critical leadership skills
  • Helping you to recruit and retain an excellent Care team in your business
  • Covering all areas of your Care business  – team development, client experience, financials, operations and marketing
  • Formulating a business plan to guarantee success for the next 12 months

£3922 +VAT

Payment options available on request

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