Strong, confident and amazing

Take some ‘me time’ … after all, you are amazing!

What’s the difference between self confidence and self esteem?
We hear and talk about these terms in our working and personal lives but what do they really mean.

According to the Penguin Psychology Dictionary here’s the definition of both:-

Self esteem: The degree to which one values itself

Self confidence: Assuredness and sefl reliance

But which one is more important?
Well, the truth is, they both are – and they mean different things to each of us.
We all want to feel valued and self assured throughout our lives – to know that we are doing a great job, that we are a brilliant friend and that we can achieve all the things we want to in our lives

That nothing can, and will hold us back.

So take some time out and read our top tips to help you stay confident and self assured:

  1. Take time to reflect and recognise all the amazing achievements you’ve had so far – focus on the positives
  2. Don’t dwell on the negatives – it happened, you learnt from it, now move on – onwards and upwards
  3. Be good to yourself – say nice things to yourself and accept compliments with grace and a big smile
  4. Surround yourself with positive people that you bounce off of and love being around
  5. Be proud of the individual that you are and the qualities you possess – never compare yourself to others

You are a strong, confident, incredible woman – never forget it!