Stress Management

What are the causes of stress…

We all lead such busy lives and working in dentistry can be extremely stressful at times.
It could be any of the following that are causing you to feel stressed and anxious – financial pressures, patient complaints, relationship problems, moving house, exams, bereavement, not enough hours in the day

Here’s our top tips to help you feel calm and relaxed:

  1. Try to get enough sleep – going to bed at the same each night can really help
  2. Plan in some ‘fun’ time now for the week ahead – have something to look forward too in the coming week
  3. Get some exercise – a short walk in the fresh air can be enough. Go out for your lunch break rather than staying in your surgery all day
  4. Have some time alone/in silence everyday – just 5 minutes can make all the difference
  5. Have realistic goals and don’t punish yourself if you don’t achieve them. Keep your head up and re-focus when you need too
  6. Focus on one thing – don’t try to do much – plan out what needs doing and when
  7. Reward yourself – give yourself a pat on the back – self recognition is really important
  8. Write things down – make a note of all the things you’re thinking about and your head will feel much clearer