Coaching for clinicians

Transformational Coaching

Ever feel alone and have no-one to talk to about your plans for the future?

Feel like you’re on the road to burnout but not sure what to do next?

Want to grow your income but not sure how or where to start?


It can be a tough day when your nurse doesn’t show up, your appointment book is full of patients and there’s no time for lunch, or there just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish your notes and get home to see your family and friends.

We have worked in the healthcare industry for many years and are able to help you enhance your patient experience and grow your income.

Transformational coaching can really help with this – our programme will give you the time out that you need to discuss what’s going on inside your head and help you shape your future plans or goals, both personally and professionally.

We offer a 3-6 month programme that is flexible to work around your busy schedule.

The sessions are held through video calling so that you don’t need to travel anywhere – you can have sessions at lunchtime and /or evenings and weekends in your surgery or at home – whatever works best for you!


Team Coaching and Development


Are you frustrated that your practice team aren’t delivering on what you need them to?

Do they need more training on improving patient care within the practice?

Maybe just getting the basics right or talking to patients about complex treatment plans?

Is your Practice Manager struggling to lead the team and get all the work done?

We work on a bespoke plan that addresses the issues, whether that’s as individuals or collectively as a team.

Our training workshops are flexible, practical and fun with accelerated learning techniques that will help everyone achieve their personal and team objectives.

Here’s just a few of the team coaching workshops we offer:

  • Patient Care Excellence
  • Management – getting the best out of the team
  • Managing a practice efficiently
  • Growing practice revenues

Business Coaching

Are you struggling to identify new business opportunities?

Are you facing problems in the business that you don’t know how to solve?


If your expertise is being a clinical professional it can be hard to be focused on driving the business at the same time.

We have worked in the healthcare industry for many years and can help you ensure that your patients get the best care there is.

We can help you focus on all areas of a practice from how the reception area is run to ensuring that your profit and loss monthly statement is as healthy as it can be.

We will support you to significantly increase the size of your business if that’s what you want to achieve.

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