Outstanding Leadership Development for Registered Managers

Do you worry that you won’t pass the next CQC inspection?

Is it hard to manage your team of carers and get everything done in the working day?

Do you feel stressed most days and find it hard to manage the business effectively?

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We offer all aspects of leadership training and development for home care Registered Managers to ensure that they are highly competent in leading their team and passing CQC inspections …

Our bespoke coaching and training programmes will take the Registered Manager through a transformational journey covering all elements of leading and growing the business.

Leadership Development

A 5 stage Leadership Development Programme We will provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead from the front – engaging and inspiring your team every step of the way

Risk Management and Compliance

Helping you to write and put in place the right policies and quality monitoring processes together with internal audits that will ensure your business is never at risk

Recruitment and Retention

Bespoke training programmes that give you the skills to spot talent, recruit and induct your team so they are highly capable in the job

Outstanding CQC Standards

Working with you to ensure you have all the skills and knowledge to not only pass your CQC with flying colours but maintain those high standards everyday

We pride ourselves on building a people and business growth package that is right for you and your team – working with you as a business partner supporting you as much or as little as you need.

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