Career and Life Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Are you at a crossroads?

Are you feeling like you’re heading for burnout?

Are you wanting to grow your income significantly in the next 12 months?

Are you wanting to make a change?

Focussing on your mental health will significantly improve your personal and professional life – and it will enhance the experience of your patients too.

You will feel calmer, less stressed, more focussed on the job in hand.

Our 6-month coaching programme guarantees fantastic results – we start with talking about what’s important to you and where you want to go before clearly setting the milestones and actions required to get you there.

Whether you want to double your income or improve your own self confidence we will help you get to where you want be.

Our role as your coach is to ask questions that help you think, identify your strengths and talk through the steps that will guarantee success in your life.

We will guide, support and encourage you every step of the way.


"“Karen accompanied me on a truly transformative journey over the past six months. When we first met, I felt a bit lost – in my career goals, in my personal life etc. Using targeted questions and other coaching techniques, Karen helped me acquire a sense of clarity and direction that I had never experienced before. Thanks to her help and support, I managed to take a few major decisions, e.g. resign from a stable, well-paid job in order to do something more rewarding, that have truly improved quality of life. The most important thing is that I have learnt how to be a useful resource and a supporting person for myself in all circumstances”"

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