Performance Coaching for Healthcare Leadership Teams

Do you often feel worried about speaking up in meetings or saying what you really think at work?

Do you go to bed worrying about the day you’ve had and what other people think of you?

Are you ready for the next job but not sure how to get it?

Are your team performing at their best?


Being in a leadership role can be tough, it can sometimes feel like you have no-one to talk to and open up about the things you’re finding difficult at work.

Perhaps you are excelling in your current role and are looking to make your next career move – talking to someone who will help you focus on your goals will guarantee you getting your dream job.

Our coaching programmes are designed to help you identify and maximise your strengths which will make you even more effective in leading your team and achieving your goals.

If you’re serious about being the best you can be in your current role, delivering exceptional business results and providing your patients an outstanding patient experience then coaching is exactly what you need.


"I started the coaching sessions with the objective of trying to organize my time better. I always felt I was overwhelmed with so many different activities, I wasn't able to perform all my tasks and I didn't have enough time to spend with my family. During the sessions Karen asked me the right questions, and I could reflect on my objectives, my feelings, my priorities and come up with ideas of actions that I could perform in order to achieve my goals. The sessions were really helpful and I feel very happy with the results."

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