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People have always been my passion – I’ve always enjoyed coaching and developing the people I work with to achieve their personal and career aspirations.

It’s been a pleasure to work with so many fantastic people throughout my career in the healthcare industry.

I’ve spent many years working within the pharmacy and dentistry sector and continue to enjoy every minute of it – to be able to support clinicians and healthcare professionals with their life and career plans is hugely rewarding.

Early on in my career I learnt just how vital it is for healthcare teams to work together – if we are serious about really improving patient and customer care then we have to pull together to do an outstanding job as a team.

I believe this can only happen when  people are focussed on the right things and are given the right training and development to be exceptional in their role.

After spending many years working in large corporate businesses I wanted to be able to spread my wings and add value to more people outside of the corporate world – to help and support other people to achieve their goals, develop their skills as leaders and become more confident in their own ability – this is where you see the true potential that people have inside of them.

And so I created 22 Coaching & Consulting – a business that would give me the opportunity to share my extensive skills and  knowledge to help others grow and develop to be the best they can be.

Over this last year I’ve also been in a position to give back to my local community  by working as a Non-Executive Director for Kent Wildlife Trust – it’s hugely rewarding.

It’s a voluntary role whereby I can again share my skills and knowledge to develop the team and help raise money for a great cause – something that impacts each and everyone of us and is vital for all of our future’s.

So if you’re looking for a coach, someone to help you achieve your personal or business goals then get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.


Karen Turner


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